Awaken Day 4


This week Pastor Keith Cowart is guest writing and sharing thoughts from Mark Nysewander’s book “Revival Rising” as we prepare for next week’s Awaken Meetings.

Awaken Devotional, Day 4: Humility
Our guest speaker next week, Mark Nysewander, recently penned a blog post, “What Humility Has to Do with Revival,” that fits right in with where we’re headed for A Call to AWAKEN.
“Revival comes to humble places,” Mark wrote, “because they house humble people. Humility is the best conductor for God’s power. To be an instrument of revival, seek the posture that conveys such power.”

Click here to read the full text of Mark’s post, and consider these questions in your prayer time:

Ask the Lord to reveal where you may depend on your human effort.

Would you accept the Lord’s invitation to radical transformation in your life? The life of your family? The life of our church?

Is pride hindering Jesus’ Lordship in your life? Let the Lord root that out today!

Consider to whom the Lord is asking you to give the goodness He has given you.

If you’re interested in going deeper into this topic, check out Mark’s book, “Revival Rising: Preparing for the Next Great Wave of Awakening,”

How can you ask the Holy Spirit to help you work on your humility today?

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