Romans 12:12

I love this scripture! Rejoice in our confident hope! The most dangerous thing in our lifetime is hope! Without it you have nothing, with it you have everything. Hope! The writer of Romans reminds us to “be confident” in our hope. What is it that you are putting your confident hope in? Some people put confident hope in our government. Some people put confident hope in their relationships. Some in money, some in family, some in themselves. I can tell you, the only true confident hope, the only hope that will never let you down is the hope, confident hope, in Jesus!

Be patient in trouble. Patience is not something we have an abundance of in today’s culture. We are very quick to clap back. We are very quick to state an opinion. We are very quick to jump on the next big issue. We are great at being keyboard activists. We sit behind a keyboard and get “outraged” about the newest issue. Steps to keyboard activist 101: 1. Find issue to be “outraged” about. 2. Find a meme that props up your point of view. 3. Post said meme. 4. Argue with those who clap back. 5. Move on to next big issue. 6. Forget 7. Repeat. We have forgotten how to be patient and listen. We have forgotten how to be patient on the Lord before we jump in two feet first into the next issue.

Keep on praying! This is the one that ties it all together. Keep on praying! Pray before things happen! Pray during things happening! Pray after things happen! Pray without ceasing. Pray with thanksgiving. Pray on behalf of others. Pray to the Lord while He may be found. With or without hope! While you are trying to be patient before speaking and reacting….pray! PRAY!


Spend 5 minutes reflecting and listening while asking yourself these three questions:

1. Who or what situation can you bring hope to this week?

2. What have you not been patient about this month? Do you need to set up boundaries online to help you listen, pray, and reflect before posting and responding?

3. What or who do you need to pray for today?

I pray a prayer of wisdom and blessing on your life today! In Jesus Name! Amen!

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