All Prayer All the Time

I absolutely love comic books, and even more so, comic book movies! Marvel is king when it comes to comic book movies and it’s not even close right now. There is no better Marvel comic book movie then the one that started it all: Iron Man #1. It had an origin story, a love story, a decent villain, and the best one liner, “I am Iron Man”. At the end of the movie there is a press conference where Tony Stark is about to spin the story of what happened at Stark Imdustries and instead of reading what he had on the note cards, he let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, with, “I Am Iron Man!”

In essence Tony Stark was telling the world, I cannot separate who I am from Iron Man. We are one and the same. I am constantly Iron Man whether I am in the suit or not. There is no difference.

I think too often we as Christ followers separate outselves from who we are in Christ. We separate ourselves into compartments. One of those compartments becomes prayer. We do it when we believe we need a bump in power (help me remember what I studied for this test). We do it when we need a hand out (my car is dead). We do it during crisis (please help me with the this bill that needs to be paid). We do it when our health is bad (please help me get well). We do it when we want a favor (please help my team win). The truth is God is interested and concerned with all of those things, except your team winning, God couldn’t care less about your team’s wins and losses.

The truth is though, real powerful prayers, real life change, real community with God is done everyday, all day. The original intent for us as created beings in God’s image was and continues to be to commune with God. Adam and Eve walked hand in hand with God. Literally! It wasn’t some abstact relationship that was in the cosmos. It was a “without ceasing” type of relationship. God still desires to have that type of relationship with us. He wants more than just a relationship predicated on our circumstance and wants.

God wants a relationship with us where we do not separate the secular from the sacred. He wants us to be like Tony Stark and say, “I am Iron Man”, but in the sense that, “I am a Christ Follower”. Where the is no difference in who we are at any time in our day. Where we commune with God on all levels. Where we pray without ceasing.

Praying without ceasing has nothing to do with walking around with your head bowed and eyes closed mumbling to yourself all day. It is more like everything we do is covered in prayer. Everything we do is thought of in a Christlike sense. God wants to “walk with us” even when we are having the best day of our lives. He wants to talk with us even when we have nothing to say. God desires us to be in continual prayer and thanksgiving. My hope this week is that you walk in a constant state of prayer and thanksgiving.

The challenge:

1. Spend the first 5 min of your day just listening for God to speak into your life.

2. Spend the next 5 minutes telling God how much you love him.

3. Spend the next 5 minutes praying for someone specific.

4. Then spend the rest of the day in constant communion with who God is to you.

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