HUGE Prayers

I remember the first time I saw Superman on the big screen. I was 6 years old and I saw Superman II. Yes I know, not the best Superman Film, but it was still better than Superman III (1983) or Batman and Robin (1997) by a large margin. I can still remember thinking, “wow, I want to fly and lift heavy things”. I could even use my imagination to come up with stories and situations where I had to save the people from the villain. I’m telling you, I could come up with some great stories. One inparticular was when a big boulder fell on a colony of ant people and I had to move the boulder to save them. I could hear the any people’s cry for help. I could see the ants coming out from under the huge rock in my front yard. So me being able to imagine that I was a flying Superman, I jumped off my garage’s roof to fly, (sprained my ankle) and then with my bad ankle and all, tried to lift up the boulder to save the ant people. I lifted that boulder a good 1/2 inch off the ground, or I think I did. The best part was, I got two hernias and had to miss most of school that year after having two hernia surgeries. My imagination was much bigger than my actual strength.

I have since moved on as a Superman fan and have been a lifelong Spider-Man guy. That moment of imagination taught me something; I can think and imagine in huge ways! I still have a great imagination. God has gifted me with this ability to dream bigger and vision the future in huge ways. I have this saying that I use quite often, “Our God is Huge”! Man, is He ever! He created the moon, stars, humans, and everything that has ever been and ever will be created, that’s HUGE! That same creator God wants us to imagine and desire HUGE things for the kingdom and the earth. Even though I have a big imagination and I can dream big for the kingdom, I often catch myself praying for small things. Praying for my cough to go away. Praying for my headache to stop. Praying I get somewhere on time, even though I was the one who left late. Praying people show up when we have an event. Praying my wife doesn’t kill me when I buy some expensive shoes, I love shoes!

Where are my HUGE prayers? Where are my, “I can be Superman” type prayers? God wants us to depend on him for exceedingly more than we can ever hope or imagine. In his book, “Whisper”, Mark Batterson says, “we already depend on God for the big things, like keeping the planet earth in orbit. The trick is learning to depend on him for the small things which are everything else”. I would even go a step farther and say, “God wants us to pray HUGE prayers.” God wants us to pray that the unsaved person who looks like there is no way they will believe in God will be saved. God wants us to pray that marriages and families that look lost can be saved from divorce. God wants us to prayer for the bondage of addiction to be broken. God wants us to pray that abortion is ended in our lifetime. God wants us to pray that hunger and the lack of clean water are ended in our lifetime. God wants us to pray that the sex slave trade in the world is ended in our lifetime. God wants us to depend on him for more than we can ever hope or imagine.

Here’s the kicker though, Eugene Peterson puts it this way, “the task is not to get God to do something I think needs done, but to become aware of what God is doing so we can participate in it”. Guess what? The creator of the universe still wants to do HUGE things! We need to pray huge prayers so that we can become aware of what God is doing and wants to do, so we can find His voice and join in where the Spirit of God is moving today! Pray HUGE prayers! Superman sized prayers!


1. What is God asking you to pray that you have not yet, because you think it’s too big?

2. Take time to listen to God and see where He wants you to join him!

3. Write down three HUGE things you think God wants you to commit to prayer this year…..then pray them everyday!

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