Prayer Week

This week we have our first Prayer Week of the year. One of the many things I love about Christ Community Church is our commitment to corporate and personal prayer. We highlight this commitment by having quarterly Prayer Weeks. This week we will meet at the church (4078 Milgen Rd, Columbus, GA 31907) from 6 – 8 PM, Monday-Wednesday. Then this week we will have a Harvest Outreach Training on Friday at 6PM and on Sat from 9AM-3PM we will be going out into the community to practice what we learned about community outreach on Friday night.

To start off prayer Week, here is a devotional thought about prayer.

Read Matthew 14:22-33

Re-Read Matthew 14:22-33: This time ask yourself these three questions

1. What do I see that sticks out to me? Phrases? People? Words? Context?

2. What is the Holy Spirit saying to me in this scripture?

3. What does the Holy Spirit want to do in me through this scripture?

Two other factors that make the family and friends harvest so difficult:

1. They know us well – our good, our bad and our ugly and we worry about the thought that, “they know me so they wont listen”.

2. We can tend to get frustrated with them – e.g., “Why aren’t they getting it?”

3. Do you need to confess either of these two agreements to God right now?

Lessons from Matthew 14:22-23 to reflect on:

1. How often do you retreat to pray? Take proactive time to seek the Lord, listen for His guidance, ask Him to go before us and prepare family and friends to hear the gospel. i.e., More than in-the-moment “911” praying.

2. Do you see the reality of the storm? The challenge of sharing in such intimate relationships is real and can be intimidating. And the obstacles and difficulties they are struggling with are real as well.

3. Are you prepared to address your fears? Like the disciples in the boat, we must acknowledge our fears and then surrender them to Jesus. Hear Him say, “Fear not; I am with you.”

4. What or who do you need to call out to God? Like Peter calling to the Lord on the water, we must cry out to the Lord; look to Him; trust His grace and help.

5. Are you taking time for God to speak or are you doing all the talking? Jesus called Peter to “come out of the boat.” We don’t need to barrel over people with our “agenda.” We need to wait and listen for the Lord’s voice about when and how to share.

6. Are you willing to step out of the comfort zone of the “boat” with your friends and family? When we feel led by the Lord, we need to step out with courage and confidence.

7. Where is your focus? Peter took His eyes off Jesus and sank. 1 Corinthians 3:6-7 reminds us that our place is to sow and water. We do not cause the growth; God does that! We need only be faithful to our place and trust God with producing the fruit.

Begin to write down specific names and needs that you feel God is speaking to you right now? Those you need to share the love of Christ with this week?

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