Pursuit Table Talk Episode 44

This week we have our joy and sigh moments as Noah Fan Boys over a YouTube star, Evan hates the British, Pastor Mike talks about bowling in the nationals, and Mrs Kristen tolerates us all. We talk more about Anthem of Hope, this week we tackle the importance of community for mental health. We have …


Pursuit Table Talk Episode 43

This week we talk about sign/joy moment, weird flex but ok, we educate the youngins on Sandi Patty, we continue our series Anthem of Hope about depression and anxiety, and we have our final thought: Top Five Cereals of ALL TIME! https://www.buzzsprout.com/episodes/1044018-pursuit-table-talk-episode-forty-three

Pursuit Table Talk Episode 40

This week we talk about why donuts are the BEST, we also have our sigh/joy moments, Pastor Mike hits the effects button, and Being Faithful in the Little Things! Our Final thought: One Movie EVERYONE should watch before they die. Special Guest Ryan Wommack and Silent Tym #PursuitTableTalk #Podcast #YouthMin #Family #Ministry #WeRPursuit#Episode40 https://www.buzzsprout.com/episodes/957687-pursuit-table-talk-episode-forty

Small Groups Questions for Coin

Here are the Small Group Questions for our new series: Coin. This series will be a three week series for, Feb. 6th, Feb. 13th, and Feb. 20th. Feel free to download and prepare. Thank you for investing in our students.

Pursuit Table Talk Returns

We will return NEXT WEEK! Tune in Friday Jan 18th for our next episode of #PursuitTableTalk #PursueToday #HotPursuit #PursureFirst #PursingTheShip #Leadership #Championship #SunkenShip #WeRPursuit #GiveUsAListen